Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Todays Finds

I had to run some errands today so I thought I'd check out a couple of small op-shops that are in the main street. They are both within about 5 shops of each other so it was quite convenient.

The first was the Red Cross shop. They mainly had clothes but nothing really in my size and things were a little pricey for an op-shop.

The next was St Vinnies. It was a small shop but a much better selection of items. I was really looking for craft or fabric type items. I did find a velvet skirt and a nice baby blanket that I am going to cut up and use for other projects. I also found a couple of nice scarves. The sequinned scarf was $3 and the other was $1. I also found a cool Puma bag for $4, a table runner for $2 (I am probably going to make this into a cushion cover), and a really nice brown printed wrap skirt for $3. The wrap skirt is too small for me but I am going to make it into an apron instead.

They had lots of glassware and little crystal type dishes that would be useful for candles. They also had about ten Enid Blyton books for fifty cents each (in case anyone is collecting).

I'm planning an op-shopping spree in Geelong on Saturday so wish me luck!

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