Sunday, 13 February 2011

True blue bargains

I may have mentioned before how fatal it is for me to visit Oakleigh Salvos. Well, last week was no different. I seem to have gone overwhelmingly for blue stuff, a bit like a bowerbird, haha...
Here's what I got. Blue cardigan, I think $5.
Glass and metal necklace with blue tassel, $5, and earrings $5.
FABULOUS blue glazed ceramic coffee set (I'm guessing Turkish coffee as the cups are so small), $12. It's made in Japan, I'd assume in the 70s - one of my friends explained there was a massive coffee crazy in Japan at that time. I don't really drink coffee but there's no way I could resist this.
I can't decide if the coffee set or this was the piece de resistance... this huge pattern book was $3.
Kind of like the holy grail for me as I love old patterns and the illustrations on the envelopes. This whole book is chock full of 80s amazingness (seeing as it was from 1980, it was before the whole horrible shoulder pad and big hair fashion fiasco). I'll put up more of the illustrations on my own blog when I get around to it, but here are a couple for you now.
... and in other news, you knew that Savers Mill Park is opening this Thursday? The opening party is Wednesday night - and I'm making my modelling debut! I was invited to strut the catwalk in an outfit that I'll choose and style myself from the racks at the new store. I'm pretty excited, although rather nervous too, but hopefully I'll be able to get some half decent shots to show you! Wish me luck!


Lyndel said...

YES I wish you luck ! have fun and do post some photos... no matter if they are good or not so terribly good.OK?
love your coffee set, my Mum had that coffee pot as a kitchen decoration (never used), in the very early 1970s.

Gina E. said...

I'm a 'blue' person too - love all your goodies, especially that stunning coffee set. Who cares if you drink coffee or not - it is a great talking point!

Miss Claire said...

Wowie! The coffee set is beautiful, I love the shape of the pot! Great haul. Good luck at the fashion parade! I'll have to check out the store once it opens!

Xx Claire