Thursday, 17 February 2011

Savers Mill Park is GO!

Savers Mill Park opens TODAY!! Get excited! I was at the official opening last night, working the catwalk as a model, but of course did not get any shots of the fashion show because I was in it. So here are just a few pics of the store - I'll put up a more detailed post later and show you what I got to keep from the fashion show as well as what I ended up buying. 
It was so weird to be in a really neat, tidy Savers store with hardly anyone else rifling the racks, sort of felt like a strange parallel universe... I have to say there seemed to be a better collection of collectibles and retro knick knacky things (like these hairbrushes) than in other stores, and the prices seemed slightly less expensive. But seeing as I don't usually go looking for vintage hairbrushes, I can't really say.
If anyone is after latchhook kits, they have quite a few (randomly specific thing to mention, I know, but every so often I get the urge to consider latchhooking despite never actually ever finishing one). On a more general note, I can't say that I noticed any furniture, maybe they are not offering it at this store.
Anyway, I'll post again on here and on my own blog, so please visit! (By the way, I've got a giveaway running at the moment so check it out if you like to make soft toys).


Miss Claire said...

Oh my gosh...I have to get there today! Those cannisters are quite lovely. I'm trying so hard to save my money, but it doesn't hurt to look, does it?

(It does!)

Thank you for keeping us up to date with the store opening! Hoping some photos of the fashion parade surface.

By the way, I always dream about op-shopping and I have these weird maps memorized in my head of where op-shops are in croydon, except it's different to in real life! Crazy. So cool that you got to experience a huge, freshly stocked savers without worrying about competition!

xx Claire

Fourth Daughter said...

Oh Claire... it's SO far from Croydon! But you can probably find other op shops on the way to make it worth the trip... have to tell you though, the canisters were not being sold as a set, they were individually priced from about $4. I hate it when they do that though, because who would want to break up that lovely set?!
... and I am pretty sure I dream about op shopping too.. don't we all?!

nicole said...

eeeeeeeeee i just got back from there and it was MARVELOUS!
my first savers experience and it was magical :D
thanks for posting this this morning or i would've had no idea!

Sarah said...

I've just moved to Melb and am keen to check this out. For those who know the area, how feasible would it to be to catch the 86 tram out to Bundoora RMIT, then walk from there? Am I crazy?

Kirrily said...

My parents live within walking distance from that Savers...I can see that mum is going to get a lot of visits in the future! Thanks for sharing.

To Sarah - easy, peasy. Catch the 86 to the end of the line, and then probably too far to walk, but grab a # 563, 564, 566 or a 572 bus. Tell the drive you want to get off at The Stables shopping centre. :)

Fourth Daughter said...

Ta Kirrily, I had NO IDEA how to answer that as we got treated to a mini bus from the arts centre in the city! Spoilt, I know :)

Daniel Dendy said...

The reason "there seemed to be a better collection of collectibles and retro knick knacky things (like these hairbrushes) than in other stores, and the prices seemed slightly less expensive" is that it was opening day.

Go back next week when all the better and slightly less expensive collectibles are sold and it will be the same as any other Savers. The better and less expensive collectibles are of course the ones which people buy and then the shelves start to fill up with the rest of the junk which has a longer shelf life.

Thanks for the entertaining update and the informative review.

Clothes Martha Loves said...
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Sarah said...

Legend, thanks Kirrily. Might have to plan a trip early next week!

Clothes Martha Loves said...

Thank you, thank you for telling us about this new Savers store. Another op shop adventure - yay! I have look at Google maps and mapped out my route and I'm there (well almost).

Daniel Dendy said...

I can't see how there is any point making a special trip over some distance on a tram and a bus to visit this Savers. It is just another Savers.

If you are close to Melbourne there is a large and constantly restocked Savers in Sydney Rd Brunswick on a tram line.

For some adventure you could also go down to Footscray for another well-stocked Savers.

Both the Brunswick and Footscray Savers have other op-shops in the immediate vicinity and more close by on public transport.

Anonymous said...

Actually Daniel, this savers is worth going to as you never know what you may find on the day you are there. As with all op shops, it may take a while but you will eventually find something you like.

Daniel Dendy said...

Hi Anonymous my post is about someone travelling from Croydon and another person who seems to be coming from inner Melbourne via tram and bus to visit this particular Savers.

My point is that there is nothing special about this particular Savers to warrant people making such a huge effort to get there.

The person on public transport might be better off visiting the Savers stores which are easier to get to on public transport.

The person in Croydon can travel 10km less to visit the Savers in Dandenong plus be within walking distance of a number of other large op shops along with some smaller ones.

The very least the person from Croydon can do is stop in at the Greensborough Savers on the way to Mill Park.

If you really think that this particular Savers is worth going to rather than other of the Savers' stores you would need to explain how this is so, taking into account the distance and isolation of this store and the lack of other op-shopping opportunities in the vicinity.

If you live near the Mill Park store that's great you have the opportunity to pop in every other day to see what has been put out.

Opening day of any op shop is an exciting day, with the percentage of good quality products available for purchase much greater than usual. The opening of a large corporate op shop like Savers is more than just exciting, it is a gala event. After that, things return to op shop normal.

Anonymous said...

Yay, I live in Mill Park so this Savers is only 5mins away :)