Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tuesday Trip .. ..

Today I had a Chiro appointment in Armadale, so I detoured via a couple of Op shops (of course).  Picked up a few habby items & patterns at Vinnies in Hawthorn, then on to the EPIC shop just near Auburn Station, where I found this lovely handbag. It is oh so 1960s, hand made, wool, with metal frame and faux tortoiseshell clasp., then across to the  Malvern Op Shop in High Street.
did not find a lot today, maybe I'm too choosy or maybe just not the 'right' things for me, but I did enjoy the journey.

Where did you go today?


Miss Claire said...

How beautiful, I would have grabbed that in a second, too! Feeling very envious right now!!!

Xx Claire

Erica Louise said...

what a lovely bag!!

Fourth Daughter said...

Seriously gorgeous, how lucky you were to find that!

Martin said...


Gina E. said...

Gorgeous bag. Nothing wrong with being choosy; how many of us buy stuff on a whim, only to send it back where it came from a few weeks later? I might only get two or three wears from an item of clothing before I decide it's not for me, so back it goes. For a dollar or two, who cares?