Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lions OpShop in Mordialloc

Today hubby and I took a bus trip to Mordialloc, had a nice coffee, walked along the beach and came home again on the bus.  Quite unusual for us, he does not drive and I drive EVERYWHERE,  just thought a bus trip would be something different (took over an hour, but that was the idea).
Well.... could not help but peek in ONE op shop (I know Salvos are only a few doors further up the main street, but cant test hubby's patience too much).
What did I find? 2 canvases, (both started) of the Zodiac Sign for SCORPIO, and 2 shoeboxes of cut wool to finish it.  Latch Hook Rug.
The colours are deep purple and fuchsia pink, peacock blue and teal blue/green.  Really nice 1970s colour scheme and NO I do not know what I'll do with it, but for the very small price, I could not let it sit there.  Also found a few more knitting pattern books.  Talked to the 2 nice ladies in the shop for a few minutes and then felt guilty about hubby standing out in the street waiting, so didn't even check out the Salvos.  Also passed one in Mentone as the bus drove thru.... may be a trip to make alone in the not too distant future.?

so, a quiet day out turned into Op Shop find after all !

Oh, and they were handing out fliers about a BOOK SALE, ex Library, 19/20 February at the Mordialloc Scout Hall in Park Street.


Erica Louise said...

This is one of my local oppies :) Glad you found some gems!

Fourth Daughter said...

Am always looking for latch hook kits, even though I was always given them as a child and never finished them! Great haul!

Gina E. said...

I know a few people who hop aboard a bus just for the fun of it, and travel to the end of the route which is often a suburb far distant from their home. I think it is a great idea; beats looking for a parking spot in an area you don't know. I plan to do that one day soon!