Saturday, 26 February 2011

Big haul at St John of God Greensborough 1/2 price sale

Started off with some books:
4 @ 50 cents + 1 @ 30 cents = $2.30
Royals @ $1.50 + Poems @ $1 = $2.50
Fridge magnets, Vietnamese Architecture ceramic 3D Fridge Magnets still in plastic wrap - 5 @ 20 cents each = $1
Assorted unused greeting cards with envelopes mainly birthday marked price 2 for 5 cents apply 1/2 price sale got 17 for 20 cents total (around 1 cent each).
Original 1970s oil painting 52cm x 68cm Hong Kong traditional street scene @ $15.

I have seen a few of these types of paintings for sale over the last couple of years as the people who bought them in their 30s & early 40s when visiting Hong Kong are now moving into nursing homes, downsizing, or leaving us for a better place. Some of these paintings are reasonably well executed but are not really something you would want to hang on your wall, with a common theme being junks on Hong Kong Harbour with Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island in the background.

This one however really grabbed me because of the evocative way it depicts the canyon-like alley flanked by market-style retail outlets, the ubiquitous signage, the steps leading up the hill in what is a pedestrian-only street, and the ever-present crowd of people. If I had only one abiding memory of Hong Kong, it would be this type of scene. Along with this, the painting is fairly well executed, with the bright colours much brighter than how they appear in the photo. There is another painting by the same artist still for sale at the op shop which looks rushed and lacks detail and did not appeal to me.

Happy with this haul.

Thanks to Gina E for information about the new location.


Lyndel said...

great finds! very well done.

Janelle aka Nelly said...

What fun I have been to only one opshop this week ands only once am trying to be strong and I am reading everyones finds on their blogs to keep me drooling lol

Gina E. said...

You are welcome, Daniel! I told the ladies on the counter at this opshop that I would be posting their new address on this blog, but I doubt if they even know what a blog is!
Had a chuckle over your comments about the Hong Kong paintings. I bought some myself on a trip in the 70's, and still have them. They (and me) won't be in a nursing home anytime soon!

Amy C said...

Love love love the painting - I'm jealous! I went to the Austin Shop Garage Sale and went right past Civic Drive on my way home. I ummed and aahed about whether or not to stop in and I decided I'd better not - dammit!

Navona salon Desk said...
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