Saturday, 19 February 2011

I scored at Savers Mill Park

Some of you might have already seen my post about what I ended up getting after the catwalk show at Savers Mill Park on Wednesday night, but I wanted to say a little bit more about what I got and have some questions for you too so am putting things up here as well. 
As part of the modelling deal, I ended up keeping my outfit (which you can see on my blog) of a boy's wool jumper ($3) and a suede fringed skirt and top ($20), here's the top, which will require much thought, attitude and - in practical terms - some thonging to go through the loops at the back if I am ever to wear it. A serious challenge, but they kind of made me take it as it was part of the set.
I also kept the Italian leather heels that I wore with the outfit, but had to pay for them ($10), and got some accessories for $1 each.
I also found this fabulous shoe horn with a monkey figure on the top. He was $3 (well, $2.99, but who's quibbling?) and made in Japan.
He looks like wood but is actually plastic. I love the detail with the bow tie and how the plastic is coloured to make it look like well-worn wood. Bit of a pity that he's missing an eye but that didn't put me off.
Has anyone ever seen anything like this and do you have any idea how old it would be? I'm guessing it was from about the 60s-70s. Look at his back with his little tail.. isn't it sweet?
Another reason that I'm doing this post here as well as on my own blog is to find out about this embroidered picture. Gina E commented on my original post that she has three of these that she got from her mother in law. 
This picture has the phone number and address (in Moorabbin) for the framers on the back, and the number is only six digits long (two at the start and four at the end) as opposed to our eight-digit ones now. That alone makes me think it must be at least from the 70s if not earlier, does anyone know when Melbourne still had such short phone numbers, which would give me a clue as to the age of the picture? The strange thing is though, that the number is printed on a gold label in excellent condition, and I don't think gold adhesive labels were around much earlier than the 70s... it's a kind of mystery!


Gina E. said...

When my family first got a telephone around 1960, there were two letters and four numbers digits. After a while the two letters were changed to numbers. I can't remember when the numbers got longer, but I can still remember that first phone number LF6206!
As I wrote on your blog, I have three pictures like this one that belonged to my MIL. SIL says she can remember when her Mum bought them in the 1950's.

Fourth Daughter said...

Oh, cool, thanks Gina! I had thought they were from around then, but nice to have it verified. Definitely worth $3.99!

fabriquefantastique said...

love the shoe horn...could do with it at the moment