Saturday, 7 March 2009

Let's Go to Bendigo!

Thanks to The Golden Age of Couture exhibition at Bendigo, my friend and I decided to go up there for a day and of course check out the op shops!

On a map of Bendigo this is where they are:
Well the roads, not the exact location as I lost that map! But they are quite close together.

The racks were well spread out and easy to sort through which was good. One even had a Vintage&Evening wear section. (Unfortunately I can't remember which one!)

I did have a budget for the day so had to be careful with my spending...I did however get a black blazer, a doll and a scarf. My friend bought herself a new dress, bag and some Sweet Valley University books.

Definately worth the two hour drive. Also pop into the Hat Shop next to the Salvos. Some good hats, some good laughs!

My blazer. One of the only shots I got before it went into the wash.

Entry to the View Hill Fellowship. At the end of every rainbow is an Op Shop. Julz is wearing her op shop stripe dress and bag she picked up and my scarf that reads 'fifth avenue' among the blue, black and white coloring.This doll I picked up for my sister. Press the stomach and it cheers what I can only assume is, 'Munchkin (something), Howdy Do, We are here to cheer for you! Woooo!' At first I thought it was I think it's just pure creepy but still brings the laughs, even if I don't allow it in my room!


Tui said...

It's a great exhibition, so it's worth making the trip to Bendigo before it finishes on March 22. And if you get there when the op shops are open, it's a bonus.

running thread said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'm going to Bendigo next weekend to see the exhibition before it closes. I'll add these shops to our itinerary. Really appreciate the tip and love the blazer by the way.

amy said...

shepparton has a couple very good op shoppys which i go to if im ever around there. there are about 4 in the one little street, plus 2 others which are a bit of a drive away but def worth the trip.

also, i heard theres a savers opening up there too.

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Kitty Boo Boo said...

Hee hee that doll is creepy cool ... Love the blazer, some other great items in your blog too ... :P

Anonymous said...

As a Bendigo-ite, I have to say that we have some amazing op shops! At last count, there are 15 op shops in all. Five Salvos (Strathdale, High St, Eaglehawk Rd, Kangaroo Flat & a huge one in Long Gully), three St Vinnies (Chapel St, Kangaroo Flat & Eaglehawk), one Red Cross, one Vision Australia, one RSPCA, and four other miscellaneous op shops. Also check out Doris, a vintage and recycled clothing shop in Hargreaves St. And don't forget the exhibition, and Princess Margaret's blue cocktail dress! Gorgeous.

Joanna said...

Bendigo has some great opshops. Unfortunately a few have moved about of the CBD- there used to be 6 within walking distance. The vinnies one in the CBD and the view hill one are probably the best of the bendigo ones. There's also a few cool second hand bookshops in the bendigo CBD.

Anonymous said...

Hi There, just stumbled across your site, haven't read much but wondered it you knew of this website?

I just found it this morning as well and I'm pretty happy about it!

And for future reference Bendigo's a Fab Oppy centre, we have no less than 19 op shops here and a few secondhand/vintage clothes and furniture shops too. Love It!