Monday, 30 March 2009

Op shop haul from Mt Waverley

There are three op-shops near each other in Mt Waverley, here's my haul from them on Friday.

- two high-waisted skirts, one straight black velvet the other a fuller tweed (with in-seam pockets)
- vintage patent leather handbag
- crocheted cushion cover
- chinese checkers
- not sure what you'd call this, I guess it's kind of a hook rack, I'm going to use it in my craft room

Very happy with my purchases :)


"Blog Artists" said...

Is an OP store like a thrift store? Just understanding the lingo...I love all of your fancy finds especially the skirts!
I have to get back to my post...but will visit again soon...have a great week!

Rowe said...

My local opshop Vinnies has a wonderful stock of children's books, most in excellent condition and nicely shelved for easy browsing. I picked up four today for the bargain basement price of one dollar and fifty cents. My 2 yo daughter loves books and she would be more than happy if I bought her a new book every day.

Casdok said...

Didnt you do well!!

joyflea said...

The hook rack is actually a tie rack. I had a lovely Italian one, but I broke it whilst screwing it to the wall. Yours is lovely with the different coloured end caps.

MildlyCrafty said...

Ahh thanks joyflea, that makes sense now.

And, yep, "op shop" is the aussie name for a thrift store :) "op" is short for "opportunity".

BTW I wore my new velvet skirt yesterday and I got chatted up twice! That never happens to me! One (young) guy said he liked my skirt and another (old) guy said I was very pretty :D Two points for the $3.50 skirt!

Joyce said...

great haul! love the skirt!