Monday, 1 September 2008

Siesta! Siesta!

Don't let these little amigo's fool you they will be going straight to work to hold up my childhood book collection including miss enid blyton, roald dahl, hans christian anderson, the bronte sisters of course (loved to read) and others. Found snoozing in a corner in Moonee Ponds Brotherhood of St.Laurence. Sooo cute.


Gina E. said...

Love the bookends, but love the books even more!!! Sounds like much of my collection. Do you have any favourite Enid Blytons? I have the full set of Mallory Towers and at the age of 60 I still love to sit down and read them!

Miss Frugal said...

Hi Gina :) thank you for your lovely comment i do have favourites- the wishing chair and the far away tree. I also loved the Dr.Suezz? books green eggs and ham. I liked the catepillar book and a book called a fly went by. I also have a book that i kept from when i was about 4-5 called Monica. I also got into charlie and the chocolate factory an obvious one and the wizard of Oz which had a series to it i can't recall the titles? Wuthering Heights and Pride and Predjudice anything that took me to a world unbeknowns. It doesn't surprise me that you still enjoy reading them again and again i love it too. :)