Sunday, 14 September 2008

My poem

Heart racing,
Bargain chasing
Sitting at my fingertips
The word forming with my lips
Op shop
Op shop

Salvo's Vinnies and the like
A train here, tram and bike
Up Mt.Everest i would hike

Op shop
Op shop

$1.00 coin here and there
God has answered my morning prayer
There it is
Pure Divine
The word "OPEN" on the sign

Op shop
Op shop

I cannot stop
Op Shop


kazza said...

I related to the words Pure Divine the word Open on the sign. When you spot an op shop for the first time and do not have any information on open/close times you pray that it is open.

I liked your poem. Kaz

Miss Frugal said...

Thank you Kaz you are a genuine op shopping chic and yes if the sign says open i am rapt because not all of them are especially the smaller op shops run by the church etc. However with places like Savers well i think they are open 7 days a week i pretty sure of it. They also have late night shopping anyhows thanks for your words much appreciated.