Monday, 15 September 2008

op shopping for babies

i gave birth to a gorgeous bundle of baby girl 6 weeks ago and finally got a chance to get out of the house alone on saturday and do some serious op shopping at some of my favourite haunts. first up was the new st vinnies in altona, where i found...

four perfect condition hornsea bowls, the big one was $3 and the smaller were $1 each plus a hornsea tea container for $3. this st vinnies is brilliant for ceramics, when it opened it had amazing large sets of vintage hornsea and wedgewood for abut $50 each. these bowls were part of one of the sets but they must have decided to break it up - i'm super happy they did because i love this pattern and have been eyeing it for awhile. the other is a vintage mixing bowl from romania that i decided i just had to have for $1.

then i hit the book section for kid's books and found all sorts of dr suess and golden book favourites for 50¢ and $1 each. i don't normally have the patience to go through the kid's books but it really paid off this week : )

and i had a quick peek at the baby clothes, only to scored huge again! everything is in a bin for $1 each and i found, in perfect condition, a sweet cotton on kids top and white sweatpants, a baby gap hoodie and a pair of tights and a cute t-shirt and marks and spencer striped pants. for a garnd total of $25 i walked out of there, with two bags, a very happy girl.

next i drove down geelong rd to hit the brotherhood of st laurence clearance centre. i bypassed the 10 odd tables of jeans and huge bins of adult clothes to head straight to baby wear. again, for a dollar each, i got the following...

bonds t-shirt and sweet velvet pants from marquis, a striped bonds onesie (i actually got two of these, exactly the same), vintage yellow cotton cardigan, and some comfy cream pants. i also found this great wooden alphabet set for $2.

so i continued my trek on to footscray savers, although i was thinking at this point that i really didn't need more stuff, having gotten a pretty good high off of my finds to this point. i thought i'd just take a quick peek through the kid's wear and i'm so glad i did...

sweet pumpkin patch summer top/dress for $3.99, sprout hoodie for $2.99 and, the best yet, a super soft, angora, baby bardot poncho with hood for $1.99! man, i love having a baby to shop for, it's soooooo satisfying.

St Vinnies
99 Dohertys Rd

Brotherhood of St Laurence
462 Geelong Rd
West Footscray

33 Albert St

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trishhunterfinds said...

Aargh you did so so well!
I love all the opshops out that way!
And Laverton market.... sigh it's been too long.
You've inspired me to go back! Eee excited

beccasauras said...

The Altona Vinnies is my favourite store, so cheap! The shoes are awesome, the staff are nice, I went last week and shopped to a Carpenters cd, it was lovely. I saw the full set of the Hornsea dishes, I also love their furniture. Did ok at the Savers sale today, can't beat your beautiful brands for bub, though, well done.

Keshe said...

wow, that vintage yellow cardigan is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! Congrats on the baby girl!

indigoteacup said...

op shopping for babies is the best! love that poncho you found. Malvern and South Melbourne op shops often have expensive labels like Oobi and Pure Baby. the other good thing about op shops is that as your baby becomes a toddler you can relax when they play with the toys because they're already pre-loved! (shopping with a toddler can be embarassing/expensive otherwise!)

Gina E. said...

Gee Leslie, you've done very well indeed! Those Little Golden Books gave me a jolt - I had several of the very same ones when I was a kid 50 years ago...I wish I'd been able to keep them!

Anonymous said...

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