Thursday, 25 September 2008

Op shop binge part 3

The binge nears it's end :)

Two more books above (yep, I have a problem), $1 each from Vinnies. The Shakespeared is destined to become an altered book, the one on Keats is for me to read. I have a bit of a thing for Keats. And biographies.

Not strictly an op shop find, but from the same trip I bring you the above book scored from Oakleigh library's sale trolley for 25c. It has a page or two torn out, but the images are cool. It's going into my stash of collage stuff. Hmmm, which ops to check out next?


syed aafaq shah said...

i dont know what this blog is about. apparently i can feel it is about books.
the moment i read the name of Keats i had to stop for a while. there was a time when i stopped on letter K to know whether it is for Keats. in my youthful years i read him a lot. i dont know in which i was interested more, his biography or poetry.

i am grown up person now. but sometimes i want to talk on my habit of reading Keats. i am not sure i understand him but i enjoyed the feelings that i was reading Keats.

there are so many things to talk and share. i dont know who reads these comments and responds.

kazza said...

This blog is about people who share a passion for everthing second hand. A lot of the joy comes from sharing our second hand finds and experiences with others through this blog.

The blog is not specifically related to books but books and magazines are featured because many of the followeres to this blog buy all sorts of literature second hand.

I hope my reply has been of help in understanding what this blog is about.

Cheerio from Kaz

kazza said...

Dear Running Amok

I buy most of my home library collection from the library. My library has the same great prices for books that are being moved on. Yesterday I bought 2 paperbacks for 10 cents each. I have retired from work and I am collecting books to read when things quieten down a bit. I also envisage large wall to ceiling book shelves with a ladder in my plans for my handy hubbie to build me. I just love the look of books when decorating. They add a homely feel and reveal a lot about the person who lives there.

Enjoy your reading Kaz