Monday, 8 September 2008

Luck gave me Leather

Location: St Vinnies Ascot Vale (Maribynong Road)

Date: 4th September 2008

Cost: $5.00

I've been looking for a leather bag ever since I've been ebaying "vintage leather bags" only to find that they've been selling for $50+. I just needed a small side bag, enough to put my wallet, keys and phone in. I've been searching and searching and searching, until on thursday, just before I headed into work, I had a quick snoop around St Vinnies and found this gorgeous, little tan leather bag. Not only is it it almost perfect condition, it still has that good old leathery smell (possibly dead person smell? but meh I can't be fussy) AND... wait for it... wait for it... the stamp on it says 'MADE IN FRANCE'. This by far is my favourite item!
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I'm really enjoying reading everyone's amazing finds. Keep it up :)

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Kazza said...

Well done. Very handy little number when you are out dancing and have to keep your bag close to you. My daughter lives opposite this Op Shop. I asked her a few weeks ago it she had been over to it to check it out. I was not surprised that she hadn't as she has been too busy shopping in Puckle Street for brand new. When i visit her next I will definitely be popping over to give the place the Kaz over. Cheerio from Kaz