Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I'm happy with Savers!

There have been a few negative comments about Savers, both here and in the opshop world generally. The only Savers shop near me is in Greensborough and I have absolutely no complaints about them at all. I took three of my hubby's jumpers in there about a month ago, because they didn't fit him any more. I felt a bit guilty, leaving him with just one jumper that still fit him, so I found three more at Savers. Took them home, hubby took one and rejected the others. I took them back to Savers a few days later (with the price tags still on them, as well as the sales receipt). The young man at the counter wrote everything down, and said "go and find something else, then come back to me". I found three more jumpers plus some gear for myself, and the man added them all up, then deducted the value of the ones I'd brought back.

Hubby rejected all three this time (bloody fusspot), so back I went, and did the same thing with picking out replacements. Hubby didn't want any of those either, so they are waiting to go back. Savers' policy (at Greensborough anyway - don't know about anywhere else) is that they will exchange goods but not refund cash. Well, I reckon that is pretty good - I don't know of other opshops that will exchange goods!

The young bloke who attended me was very helpful last time I was there. While I was walking around the store, I suddenly discovered my mobile phone wasn't in my bag. I went to him and asked if anyone had handed one in, and he made inquiries, but said no, there had been nothing found. He took my mobile number and rung it on his own phone, then walked all around the store (and it's a big one!) in case it was lying somewhere and he might hear it ringing. He didn't, but I was very grateful to him for going to that trouble. As it turned out, I'd left it at home, and I phoned him immediately I got home to let him know.

Now you know why I love Savers!


susannah said...

I have just discovered your blog. It's brilliant! I have been trawling back through the archives looking at everyones finds :-) Fun stuff!

Savers Greensborough is a slight addiction of mine. I live way too close for it to be healthy....too much of a temptation when you drive by nearly every day and a pleasant kid free opshopping break on a Thurs/Friday night!!! (see I am hopeless!)

I too have read negative Savers comments in the past (mainly the 'charity' aspect) but I have no complaints about Greensy and the staff are always lovely to me and my girls.

Again, lovin' this blog. The address list is already proving to be a valuable resource!

Thanks :-)

beccasauras said...

Greensborough Savers is, i'm sure, why I failed a uni subject, i'm sure (Right near RMIT Bundoora). They had the best Tupperware and craft section, got great bag handles last year, still using them. I regularly use Footscray Savers and they have great staff too, as well as excellent handbags.

Miss Frugal said...

I love Savers for its gigantic selection. The Savers in Footscray is also great because just up the road a little is Forges another store that has a lot of low priced giftware, clothes etc. Last time i was at Footscray Savers i bought a denim vest jacket thing for my 2year old cousin. I cut out some material that i bought from there also that was blue with sparkly dimentis? and cut out letters to the word COOL. it did look very cute and very cool on her. I have also been to the Savers in Greensborough once and also loved it. Footscary is much closer for me and like i said just about every shop in the area is cheap cheap cheap.

trishhunterfinds said...

I have always been anti-savers because I resented the pricing and like you say the 'charity' buisness.
But I have been conformed.
It's just the same as buying from any large company like Myer or McDonalds, The money all goes to someone rich and high up, (most of the money in savers case) so why should I get my back up about it if I'm enjoying the things I'm getting? If I like something I should just buy it. I still shop daily at the little opshops around Greensborough, but now instead of avoiding it to make a stand, I have fallen victim and now buy way too much stuff.

Also, the guy that helped you out he didn't happen to have a mohawk did he?
He's the loveliest boy at Greensborough savers, and one of my good friends. Everyone there is lovely.

erika. said...

both greensborough and footscray savers have produced good things for me reguarly, to the detriment of my savings ^.^