Thursday, 25 September 2008

Op shop binge part 2

The binge continues!

Golden Hands Encylopedia of Crafts Vol. 1, $1 from Vinnies in Crewe St, Oakleigh. After seeing some of these on this blog, I inspected this one and made it mine. Now I want more volumes!

The box says Yahtzee, but there are Scrabble letters and stands inside, along with just a few plastic counters and the spinner below. Works for me, I'm collecting Scrabble games with an eye to some sort of sculpture and/or charm bracelet. And with my adoration of paper ephemera, the spinner is a great find. Also from Vinnies.

More books from Vinnies, two for $1. I'm aiming to use these as surfaces for drawings - the covers are such lovely colours and textures.

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