Saturday, 6 September 2008

Country shopping

Hihi! My names Trish and this is my first post.
My personal blog is
Feel free to check it out if you get a chance.

This weekend, I have gone back up to my home town to do some website work with my Dad.
Although I'm not a fan of coming back here, there are three things that excite me.

1) Country Opshops. Is there anywhere better to source out some real bargains? Everything is so cheap, most are run by lovely old ladies who you always remind of someone, and get to hear their stories. You're guaranteed to pick up something special for the coins that sit at the bottom of your bag.
I love my local opshop. I remember in early highschool when I was in my 'How can I make money' stage (before I was old enough to work), going to the opshop and buying two garbage bags of books which Mr Shrudder charged me a poor $2 for. And I lugged them up, one bag at a time to the second hand bookshop at the other end of town and sold the lot for $54. I thought I was brilliant.
Anyway, I went back today but didn't buy too much, but two of the things I bought were items I had been searching for at least... 6 months for. And when you wait for something, the thrill is multiplied by 332094823 when you finally find it.
So here is what I bought.

An average green dress, but its in a small size, and the green is so bright!
I hate wire coathangers with a passion. They make all clothes look horrible

This is one of the items I've been looking for for a while. A baseball bomber jacket similar to what all the kids in 90's movies would wear. All I ever find is kids ones in tiny sizes, so was super excited to find this one.

And this is my favorite. My friend Ash picked one up at an opshop about 6 months ago and I've been bleeding with jealousy ever since. This was stuffed at the bottom of the secret dress up box that I swear only I know about. It's in the change room underneith the bench chair and I always find something in there.

2 The second greatest thing about coming back home is the home cooked meals. Tonight was chicken and mushroom risotto. Mmmmm

3 The third and most important is seeing my precious dog Lucy. I love her to pieces.

Isn't she beautiful?


Miss Frugal said...

Hi Ya Trish :)i love your finds and your dog is gorgeous. I especially love the silk dress what a fab color!

trishhunterfinds said...

Hello! Oh thankyou! I also love your finds. It seems we're both 1970's lovers. I get all excited when other people find 1970's things... its both that horrible gut feeling that you've missed out, but still excited at the same time to see something you've never seen before!

Tui said...

I have mixed feelings about 70s stuff. I was a child in the Decade That Taste Forgot, so some of those things (like macrame owls and orange vinyl bar stools) make me shudder. But I find it really hard to resist kids' books from that era.

trishhunterfinds said...

Hahah, 'the decade that taste forgot'
I love it.
I grew up in the 90's and I call that the same thing.
I can't imagine the kids that are born now loving things from the 90's. I shudder at that so I so know what you mean!
I find a lot of the 70's things to be classy and well made in comparison to most of todays items that just fall apart after a few wears. I guess its because I've never lived with it before and its all unusual and different?
And yes, those adorable books. The characters eyes are what make me lovvve them.

kazza said...

It is me again wondering if there is a book/inventory on Country Op Shops?

As mentioned in another post to you I agree a bit with Tui about 70's fashion but it is definitely fair to say it was made better that's for sure.

I am trying to think if I have anything in my wardrobe from the 70's my long red nurses' cape comes to mind ha ha oh and my white marching boots, yes I was a marching girl for 10 years now the secrets are being exposed heaven forbid.

Kazza said...

Hi Trish

I don't know if you read your old posts and check for comments but this is to update you on the country op shopping blog. I made a comment on this post if their was an inventory of op shops in the country Victoria and it has inspired Op Hop Bunyip blog. Check out the link at Addicted to Thrift.

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