Monday, 29 September 2008

Monday Op-ing

Mondays are always big thrifting days for me. My mondays are the only weekdays where I typically have no students scheduled (I teach piano on the side), therefore I can spend the whole day lesiurely picking my way from location to location.

Today started out badly. I slept through my alarm by one hour and then in my groggy haste, I stepped smack-bang into a nice brown present my dog left for me on the porch. Lovely. I spent a few minutes cursing and wondering "why meeeeee?", before changing my shoes and then rushing outside.

I still managed to hit Dandenong, Footscray and Mont Albert, which is quite an achievement for a car-less lass. Dandenong yielded the best buys for the day. I managed to score three dresses, two of which I need to take up, and the the coolest oversized, black sequinned cardigan/cape.


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