Monday, 29 September 2008

Modern Finds

Today was my first official day of uni holidays, and what better way to spend it than jumping between opp shops in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.


  • St Vinnies Sunshine
  • Uniting Care Church Opp Shop Sunshine
  • Bargain Browser Tottenham

St Vinnies Sunshine

The store has been absolutely stocked for the Spring Racing Carnival. Hundreds of shoes, hats, bags and dresses are leaving the place overflowing. Definitely a must for anyone who's planning to go to the races, but wants to save some money for the grog there! I wasn't really looking for any outfits particulary, more miscellaneous items. Managed to find this leather bag engraved with flowers and made in India! In excellent condition and only $5, I was content.

Uniting Care Church Opp Shop Sunshine

Now this store is only about a 5 minute walk from the St Vinnies store, but the only problem is, it has very short opening hours, so be sure to check the times if you're planning a trip there. This was my second time to this store, and as per usual, my first target is the bag section. The great thing about this store is that it has an uptairs area dedicated to just books and bags (all at great prices). I managed to find this cute little clutch for $2. Went back downstairs to the clothes, only found one top, but for $2, I'm not complaining. The staff here are gorgeous; all the ladies are over 70. They stand behind the counter gasbagging about their school days and letting customers know that Angelina Jolie (they didn't know her name) wore an opp shop dress!

Bargain Browser Tottenham

I wasn't expecting much from this store, cause from last I remember, the prices weren't too flash. But somehow, I left the store spending just over $25. How did this happen? Well I had a quick squiz at the ladies section and managed to find a stack of clothing that looked like they'd never been worn. Brands such as Cue, Portman, Sportsgirl and Witchery popped up several times. Impressed as a I was, I went into the changing the room and walked out buying and arm full of clothing.

Everything I'm wearing in the picture, was bought at Bargain Browser (except for the belt which I bought at St Vinnies in St Albans for $1.50). Terrible modelling, I know, but just wanted you to see what the clothes looked like on.

Black high waisted bubble dress = $7

Grey cardigan = $5

White shirt = $3.50

Also bought this Sportsgirl skirt that still had its Sportsgirl tag on it (RRP $79.95), I couldn't resist for only $6.

Well that was my day, very pleased with the buys, and definitely looking forward to a whole week of holidays (and possibly venturing to some opp shops I have yet to venture upon)!

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beccasauras said...

love the Bargain Browser Tottenham, thay have very funky stuff, a bit pricier but your good brands. That is a great outfit, looks a lot more expensive. They have great books, too, and often reduce their clothing prices.