Sunday, 7 September 2008

It's mine, I tell you - mine!

Green velvet recliner, $20 from St Vinnies in Crewe St, Oakleigh. It fits me (short and round) perfectly. Once settled in it, I'm hard to shift: just hand me the remote and my knitting and I'm set for the evening. That's if I can dislodge one or other of the cats. They seem to think this chair belongs to them. Hey, I can growl louder, so I win!

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kazza said...

Very comfie looking recliner and what a reasonable price to recline - well done! I recently bought a floral chair from Vinnies for $25.00 for reading my real Living Magazines. I bought it home and gave it a good spray with Preen Carpet Cleaner. I let it dry and it has come up well with a bit of a faded look where the arms were a bit dirty but i love that well sat in look. I have my $5.00 table next to it and my reading lamp over the back of it. I hope to post a pic of it shortly. Happy reclining fellow op shopper.