Saturday, 24 March 2012

Uggies and Underwear.

This week I had some great 'new' op shop finds.
I found these brand new, still with tags ugg boots for $5! They're actually for my mother-in-law as I already own a pair that I bought new for around $90 :-(  and she has wanted a pair for some time now.
BOSL - Brunswick 

and NEW bras!
Christ Church opshop in Brunswick sometimes get donations from companies of brand new stock (I think it's clearance and sample stock). They currently have HEAPS of sample stock bras for $3 each. Brands include Fine Lines, Kayser, Hot Options, and some other samples that didn't have labels. The ones I purchased still had all the tags attached and were originally $50 each! So today instead of spending $200, I spent $12 :o) 
I was boring and went with the everyday basic colours, but there were heaps of colours and styles to choose from. Unfortunately, they're only open on Saturday mornings. 


Ren said...

Ooooh I envy these finds! U

FrolickingFroggy said...

Mega bargain! Well done.

List Addict said...

Great find. I love this forum for recycling. Well done on your helping the world thius week!!!
List Addict