Monday, 12 March 2012

A bag full of goodies

Yay, I'm excited to be posting my first blog entry here. I've been an avid reader of this blog and an avid op-shopper for a while now, so thought it was about time I joined up and shared my op-shopping adventures.

On Wednesday last week I roamed around the Dandenongs and picked up these goodies all from the MS Community Shop in Monbulk.

Glass jug - $3. I'm going through a bit of a 70s phase at the moment. The cheery orange and yellow design on this nice heavy glass jug called 'buy me, buy me', and I obliged.

Plates, saucers, cups and bowls by Adams / Brentwood - $10 the lot. Uneven set, but who cares?! I love the cute little clover leaf design and when I use the cup & saucer I pretend I'm a nobby English lady living in a Pride-and-Prejudice-type manor. (What, doesn't everyone do this?)

And my final purchase from this shop, a festive tote bag - $9.50. I ummed and ahhed over this for a little while (my internal expense-o-meter deliberating whether the price was a tad expensive), but in the end I decided it was worth parting money for. The bag looks brand new and the beading work is very detailed. 

The previous week I picked up these goodies:
2 x large timber vases - $30, from the Salvos in Ashburton.
Shadow box frame (frame only, not the print) - $3 from the Rotary op shop in Blackburn South
Salt & pepper grinders (empty at the time of purchase!) - $6.50 from the Animal Aid op shop, also in Blackburn South.

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Gina E. said...

Welcome Froggy! Great to see another new face here, posting pics of their goodies ;-)
You got some nice stuff there, although I thought some of it was a bit expensive, especially the tote bag. Beautiful bag though.