Tuesday, 27 March 2012

50c bargains in Emerald

While out traipsing around the Dandenongs with my folks today I stopped off at the Uniting Church op shop in Emerald. My eyes went boi-oing when I spotted the prices for the clothing - 50c each! This included the more substantial items of clothing such as jeans and jackets. Not sure if these are the regular prices or special sale prices, but I suspect the latter... (Surely they couldn't be so cheap ALL the time?). I scoured the racks but unfortunately didn't walk away with the motherload of clothing I was hoping for, as I couldn't find too many things that I liked or were in the right size. Did manage to snaffle these goodies though, for the princely sum of $2 in total. Yay me!

Purpley Wombat top
Polka-dotted skivvy

Olive green pants - these looked brand new!

Toiletry bag


Asa-Marie said...

Oh darn it I need a toiletries bag! Hey I wonder if you can help me? I really reeally want to join in with this site as I am "Op Shop Junkie" of the decade, but I have had no response from the funny email address provided...how sis you go about it?

FrolickingFroggy said...

Hi Asa-Marie

I used the email address provided on this website. I'm sure you'll hear a response back soon.

mothertheresa said...

50c clothing!!! I'm jealous :o) The polkadot skivvy is too cute!