Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Rotary Rummage Shop, Doncaster East

I think I've created a monster - myself. Honestly, I'm not normally this frenetically compulsive an op-shopper, but I've had a bit of time on my hands for the past few weeks and thoughts inevitably turn to... "Hmmmm, what can I do today? I know, I'll nip down to XYZ op shop; haven't been there in a while." I'm going to try and curtail my op shop visits for the next few weeks to try and curtail my spending!

OK, so today's purchases of shame totalled $28, from the Rotary Rummage shop in Doncaster East. I haven't listed individual prices as I have no idea what I was charged for what - according to the price tags I should have paid $33 in total, so I think the lady at the counter lost track of what she was charging! 

2012 calendar. (Was tired of looking at my ugly free calendar that I printed from the 'net.) The pictures in this are much cheerier, even if we're nearly a third through the year.

T-shirt in the colour my Mum calls 'Menopausal Mauve'

Stripey top, stripey cardi & tunic. (I think I've developed a stripe addiction - I have about 10 striped tops now. This must end!... and for goodness sake, why did I buy a grey striped cardi when I bought something similar the previous week?)

Cute face cups.

2 x framed prints of  Rome. I bought these really for the prints. I'm not sold on the frames and will donate them back to the op-shop if I can find some nicer frames in my stash.


EmilyKate said...

Fantastic haul! My favourite are the face cups.

FrolickingFroggy said...

Thanks EmilyKate.

I picked up those cups a few times and put them down, deliberating whether I really NEEDED them. Stupid question. OF COURSE I need them! I mean, I have no other cups with ears, so this fills that vital cups-with-ears niche that was missing from my kitchen.

mothertheresa said...

Good finds! I too love the little face cups :o)

Isn't it funny how we all say 'oohh, I need to stop spending so much in op shops' (I've been guilty of saying that lately too) but in reality we've spent as much as a couple of cups of coffee and probably saved ourselves hundreds of dollars if we had purchased the items new. Plus we're helping a charity!! yay for us!!

FrolickingFroggy said...

I feel your conviction, mothertheresa!

Unfortunately if I op shop ALL the time like I've been doing in the past few weeks, my poor little unit will start to burst at the seams with STUFF. So I think I do need to put the brakes on a little (or at least attempt it; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak! And that upcoming trash & treasure in Vermont is tickling the back of my mind. Hmmmmm.)

Ren said...

Heheh, you have a thing for stripes? I have a thing for grey... not a deliberate thing, it's just that I seem to have a few grey tops. All op-shop purchased of course. Anyway, great finds. Well done :)

Gina E. said...

LOL to your reply to EmilyKate, regarding the cups-with-ears niche - ha ha!!
mothertheresa, you made a very valid point when you wrote that we spend as much as a couple of cups of coffee on our opshop purchases, and we are helping charity. Thanks for pointing that out - now I don't feel quite so guilty ;-)
Although as Froggy said, one can accumulate too much 'stuff'...