Friday, 2 March 2012

Op shopping in Pt Lonnie

I popped back in to the Pt Lonsdale Op Shop today (where I had previously seen the Spode vase) and snapped up some textile and linen bits and pieces. (The vase was gone)
All the black bits-organza ribbon, beaded chiffon, carrcikmacross style machine lace offcut and a cotton openwork yoke only cost $2!
Also found some nice vintage style linen for my grandmother's memory project, a cute tray to stop everything falling off my sewing table, some ribbons and pearls and a brand new hanging storage thingy which could have multiple uses.
All are sitting on one of three thick Actil cotton sheets from the Queenscliff Op Shop, bundled up as drop sheets, which I will rip up for dyeing.


Anonymous said...

Re the Spode vase if you loved it you should have held on to it, walked around the shop, thinking hard. If you still loved it or had a use for it or both you should have purchased it. Those who hesitate and god knows we have all done it and gone back and sure enough someone else had seen the potential too.

Anonymous said...

The vase might have been gone, but you don't know what price it went for. As I am sure you are aware op shops have variable pricing so after sitting there for 2 weeks unsold at $25 and having everyone who came into the shop examine it, maybe it was repriced to $10.

Here is the same vase which recently didn't sell on ebay for $10 although this had a $15 postage charge if you couldn't pick up

Gina E. said...

Hey Aussie Jo, I'd love to see your Grandmother's memory project! I did a memory quilt wall hanging recently, and everyone who sees it loves the idea!