Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ballarat Lifeline

There are two Lifeline op-shops in the Ballarat CBD, but the best one is by far the shop closest to the railway station on Lydiard Street. As you come out of the station and turn left, it's the first shop you will see.

It's small, but there is a good selection of clothes, shoes and books. With it being so close to the station, they have a well-stocked bookshelf for commuters!

They have also recently started a "Vintage" rack which had some interesting pieces. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to browse and only had enough spare change for these two necklaces. The black necklace was $2 and the amber-coloured one was $4- my mum loved it!

Ballarat Lifeline is open Monday to Friday from about 10.30 to 4ish, so it's a great first stop if you are coming up to Ballarat for the day!


OpShop.org said...


I've added this store to opshop.org. Why not come give it a 5 star rating :).


alishadm said...

Thanks for the recommendation! Got a nice leopard print scarf there yesterday!