Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Two exciting purchases in the last two weeks. The first was from the Save the Children on the Cnr of Glenferrie and Riversdale in Hawthorn. I wandered in with no particular purpose 10 minutes to closing time and saw this wonderful Paul Frank bag straight away and raced over to it! I could not believe my good luck.

A total of $4! It's so cute and I have not stopped using it. It's got a a neat little 'spare change pocket' and a sexy one for your sunglasses.

 Then last week at the Epic Shop in Broadway Reservoir I stumbled, actually I kicked the box, on a punch bowl for the pricely sum of $8. I've never thought about buying a punch bowl before but how could I resist? It all seems to be here. There are 10 cups and a big beautiful bowl all decorated with leaves and grapes and apples and pears. Not a chip to be seen. I guess I'll be serving punch sometime soon.

I haven't included the photos but I also scored a David Lawrnece top and a KMart skirt for an equally ridiculous price of $5. Wore them both to work today and got comments - mostly good!


FrolickingFroggy said...

Cute bag!

Ren said...

Lucky you. Both very nice!

secondhandrose said...

Love the Paul Frank bag. Good score!