Sunday, 25 March 2012

Friday's Finds at Eltham BSL.

No more explanations or excuses - just photos and descriptions! If I haven't yet convinced you that our little opshop is worth visiting, I never will succeed!
Two ties for 75 cents each.
Length of batting for quilting projects - $1.20
Glass soap dish, 50 cents.
Lightweight nylon jacket $5. I'd had my eye on this for a few weeks, and in the end I couldn't resist those gorgeous colours!
Pair of shoes or slippers - stretchy nylon, $4. I've had this style of slipper before, and they are soooo comfortable.
Brooch $2.50. I used this to keep my scarf in place while I was working at the shop, and liked it so much by closing time, I simply paid for it and left it on.


FrolickingFroggy said...

You've convinced me! Will make the effort to pop into BSL Eltham one of these days.

Oooh, those shoes do look comfy.

FrolickingFroggy said...

Me again - just letting you know I've sent you an email to your hotmail address.

List Addict said...

Aren't op shop ties to die for. There are not enough social occasions at which you can (especially as a girl) wear a tie. Let's change this.
List Addict