Sunday, 18 March 2012

Eltham B.S.L. last Friday.

I went into our shop on Friday morning, determined that there was absolutely nothing I needed to buy. But WANTED to buy..well that's another story. This little dip bowl with matching server thingy had chooks all over it. $2.

Whenever I give guests tea and coffee, I throw a few spoons on the table so they can help themselves to sugar. As soon as I saw this Spoons mug for $1, it was mine! No more untidy spoons!

This doiley needs pressing (obviously) but it is clean, and the stitching is very neat. Just needs someone to crochet the edge. $2.

Animal skin print long skirt $3.50. Label says Morgan De Toi,made in Morocco. The nightie is 'Oriental Village silk' - I bought it because of the peacock. $1.50.

Three lengths of Batik - huge pieces of fabric! They are supposed to be make into Sarees(Saris?) but I'll use them for patchwork of some kind - maybe runners, placements, wall hangings, even a quilt top...


FrolickingFroggy said...

Ha! Most of my op shop visits start with the thought "I really don't NEED anything", but when I'm in the shop it's amazing just how many things I find I actually do need!

Anonymous said...

i just love the batik material.

mothertheresa said...

me too, the batik material is lovely!