Friday, 2 March 2012

It's Friday again - BSL Eltham!

After my shocking spend up in Malvern yesterday, I was determined NOT to buy anything at our Brotherhood opshop today when I did my 4 hour volunteer stint. Ha. Famous last words. Well what do you expect? It has been one whole week since I was there! We really get such neat stuff donated. A little penguin brooch for $3 which I thought was a bit dear, but I wasn't going to argue with the lady who prices our jewellery. She's been there forever, and none of the other workers dare to argue with her...I didn't buy this to wear; I've got plans to use it to embelish one of my crazy patchwork blocks that I'm working on.
Yes, another tie. The photo doesn't show the true colours, which are a vibrant green and red. Again bought with a special project in mind.
I thought this was a platter at first, but when I picked it up for a closer look I saw that it is a wall plaque thingy. On the back it mentions Debbie Mumm who is one of my favourite patchwork fabric designers; the plate is based on her designs. For $3, it looks super on our kitchen wall!
Fabrics!!! Somebody must have had a massive cleanout of their stash and brought it to us. I was happy to clear out the materials bin - around $6 each, with most measuring between 2 to 3 yards long.


Aussie Jo said...

Very nice tie, will it be a tea cosy too??

Gina E. said...

Yes - the theme for the cosy is St Patricks Day, so I'm using all my ties with green in them.