Friday, 9 March 2012

more vintage tablecloths for me!!

Hi there!! Thought I'd share with you my finds from my after work opshop visit today. Can't believe how well I fared for a Friday arvo! 
Midas leather heels $5. Worn probably once, and I'll probably wear them once too as I'm generally not a heel wearer but I've got a friend's wedding coming up soon that I'll wear them to. 

Spoon rest 50c. It's actually clear on top and has the fabric embedded at the bottom. I couldn't resist the colours. 

I almost had a heart attack when I spotted this barkcloth tablecloth in mint condition for $3. I think I'll just hang it on the wall to look at. I love it so much.

Then I couldn't split up the tablecloth collection that was there, so also purchased this lovely lemon linen number for $3, 

and this nice little linen afternoon tea cloth for $2.

 dri-glo handtowel - $1

olive green knit $3

red 'Scharade for Katies' cardi - $2

and this bobble knit sundress for $3. I might have to find a slip to go under it though as I have a sneaking suspicion that this is one of those dresses that when you go outside into the sun it becomes totally see through and everyone knows what colour your undies are and you have no idea why everyone is looking at you...... It's happened before :o( 
and one last picture of my new fabbo tablecloth because it deserves to be shown off as it has obviously been hiding for many years at the back of someones cupboard never seeing the light of day.  

Have a fantastic long weekend everyone!


I Love To Op Shop said...

The colours on the tablecloth are stunning, it's beautiful!!

I'm on a Melbourne Op Shop tour tomorrow and hoping to get some wedding things to for an April Hawaiian themed wedding!

Teresa said...

LOVE that afternoon tea cloth!!!!
A great collection of finds. :)

Gina E. said...

That is a fantastic haul for one it all from one shop? You didn't say which shop. Not that I blame you - sometimes it's best not to reveal one's source, LOL!

Lisa @ .Simply Me. said...

If this is all from one shop, that has to be the most successful op shopping trip ever!! I love the tablecloth and the knitted dress :)

mothertheresa said...

Yep, all one shop! Haha Gina, you're right! Maybe it's best not to reveal my secrets!!! Oh well. It is my all time favourite op shop....... Christ Church op shop in Brunswick West. The lady that runs it (I think her name is Lorraine) is an absolute gem, and as much as I'd like to keep it a secret (I did used to refer to it as my secret op shop), it's a charity, and I really do want them to be successful so the more the merrier I guess!!! (I hope I don't regret this hahaha!)

mothertheresa said...

Whoops, I might have given you all the bum steer. It was the St. John's op shop in Brunswick West not the Christ Church one. Shouldn't have posted when I was still half asleep this morning. However, the Christ Church op shop in Brunswick is equally as good.

Here's their page!