Saturday, 17 March 2012

Livin' in the 70's!!

Hiya! This weekend I'm going to a 70's dinner party. My outfit was already hanging in my wardrobe (I'm fairly well set for 50s through to 90s themed events) however my hubby on the other hand didn't have any suitable attire. Luckily my morning was free yesterday, so I took the opportunity to go opshopping for him....... yeah.... for him. I decided to check out some oppies I hadn't been to before so ventured to Holy Trinity Op Shop in Pascoe Vale, Dot's op shop in Coburg, The Rowallen op shop in Essendon, and then back to a fave of mine, Christ Church in Essendon. 

I found a great lawn bowls outfit for my husband and a horrible (by horrible, I mean awesome) 70's polyester polo shirt all for $2 a piece. Unfortunately the jacket didn't end up fitting him, but it must have been my lucky day because when I got home I found $2 in the pocket of the jacket! Score!

This amazing lamp was $8

crafty bits and bobs, I got some nice velvet ribbon too but forgot to photograph it. (I'm collecting knitting needles if you didn't realize)

tea towel $1. 

plastic TC -$1 (for my friend that is hosting the 70s party), bag $2 (my mum had a green one), plate 10c, leather NZ driver's licence holder 50c (incase I'm ever in New Zealand and need somewhere to keep my licence, obviously!) and toothpick holder 50c

my polkadot finds for the day, scarf $4 and pillowcase ?? I'm not sure as I had a bunch of stuff and it all added up to $15. I think it's quite old judging by the fabric and lace. In amongst my 'stuff' I also got a few different slips to try under my 'see through' dress from my last post. 

leaf dishes for a friend 50c each. 

  toaster cover, handsomely modelled by my very own toaster -$1

70s polyester top $4 - I absolutely love the colours in this. 

Even though I don't have any little ones, I had to buy this dress from the $1 bargain rack as you just never see any good children's vintage clothes. I have some friends having babies soon though so perhaps they might like it. It has 3 red glass buttons down the back and came on this cute 'Lady who lived in the shoe' hanger. Did you have these coathangers as a child? I did!! 

On second thoughts, I might just keep it!

I wish someone would give me a job as an 'opshopper' so I could get paid to do this. Seeing as though this is very unlikely, I might have to force myself to take a break for a few weeks, ween myself off! I'm starting to become addicted! haha!
Have a great weekend everyone! 


OP SHOP MAMA said...

Ha! Me too - I've often wondered if there's an op shopping career for me. YOu can do the re-selling thing (ebay etc) I guess.. some people make a living out of it.. Trouble is - I don't usually wish to part with all my cool stuff I find!
Great finds for you! Loving it all..
Hope party is/was fun..

FrolickingFroggy said...

Oh my God, YES, I remember having those hangers as a child. Too cute!

There's something just so absurd yet so right about a toaster cover. Now I want one!

mothertheresa said...

I'm with you OP SHOP MAMA, even though I'm sure I could make a little bit of money on ebay, I really don't want to part with my cool stuff!

That was exactly what I was thinking FrolickingFroggy, absurd, but awesome at the same time!

Gina E. said...

I love the toaster cover, and I remember those little coat hangers...great post!

Stella said...

Nice finds especially the blue top and the child's coat hanger