Thursday, 30 October 2008

Yet another sugar bowl

Hello. Dani from The Kitchen Playground, newly arrived over here in the blog of all things op. Today was a fortuitous day to receive an invitation to post here as I had a little oppy victory.

The back story being that, much as I love my husband, I do wish he wouldn't break my sugar bowl which such regularity. Particularly as I am somewhat fussy. I prefer glass. It must have a lid. It must be reasonably plain. Must be cheap as it will, in all likelihood be broken in the not too distant future. Sounds easy but isn't.

I've had my eyes pen for a couple of weeks now since the last breakage occurred. I hit pay dirt in a musty little church op shop at The Mall in West Heidelberg. I found this little gem for $2. Perfect.


kazza said...

Hi Dani, lovely glass sugar bowl for $2.00. Any sugar bowls I buy have to have a cut out for a spoon. And I love sugar spoons with the square shape. I have been given sugar bowls with no cut out and they end up in op shops!

I visited your blog for a peek. Yummy food and recipes.

Check out my beach sleepover with op shopping at

Dani said...

Kazza the spoon cut out is optional for me but I did get one this time! I love square too but my last few have been round.

Jayne said...

Love the sugar bowl, well done :)

Tui said...

Nice sugar bowl. What a good score! There are three oppies in that deeply daggy mall, so it's worth a look. Recently, my son decided he HAD to have rollerblades that day. We checked them out at Kmart but couldn't find anything decent for under $60. He suggested we look in op shops, and, despite feeling pessimistic, we set off for the mall. We tried two op shops without success but the third had a pair in his size for $5, and, it being his lucky day, they were marked down to half prize. Happy boy, even happier mother!