Friday, 17 October 2008

More Vintage

... and more dresses! I'm on a roll - the gods have been kind to me this week.


The first dress is very Wednesday Adams, don't you think? When I saw the dress in the shop I was immediately drawn to it; I love the dolly peter-pan collar as well as the monochromatic colour scheme. It's not really my "style", but sometimes a good thing is just too hard to pass up!

I found two identical leather skirts on Thursday, one of which will be going into my private collection. Both of the skirts are the perfect snug fit and have a great high waist - whoo! I'm very excited because I'd been hunting for a black, leather mini a few weeks ago with no luck and had pushed the search to the back of my mind. It's pretty hard to find one that's fitted and not too daggy - I've resorted to ebay a few times but thankfully I held out until now!


Okay, last two items. Again, the red polka-dot dress isn't really my style but I think it's adorable! I actually spent a lot of time altering this dress - it's original form was about two times as big and the skirt came down past my knees. I had to remove the skirt, take up the top and the sleeves then reattach the whole ensemble back together again. Thankfully the mothership was on hand and gave me some pointers but it's still quite a feat for a lady still learning to use the sewing machine!

The last dress is my favourite out of the lot. It's a little too flashy for me personally (I would have nowhere to wear such a garment) but aside from that it's pretty unbelievable.

A quick question though - are you a traditionalist when it comes to vintage clothing? Do you think it's wrong to alter vintage clothes to make them more "modern"? I'm been thinking about this recently and would love some opinions!

As usual, better photos are at my blog: forevayoungvintage


Some Like it Vintage said...

I would say you can definately feel comfortable altering vintage clothes...except when it is a unique vintage piece. For example, I wouldn't alter a vintage Chanel dress! Adjusting hemlines or taking in (or letting out) seams is perfectly fine. Vintage items were originally made with generous hems and seams to allow this. But please don't turn a gorgeous maxi dress into a mini! Just my 2 cents...:-)

EmilyKate said...

I guess I'm with some like it vintage- as long as it's not a Significant Piece of Fashion History, I think it's fair game to alter vintage pieces, as long as it's along the lines of taking in seams, letting out hems, replacing buttons etc.

kazza said...

I have been amazed at the way you refresh all your fashion finds. I think you look like a model in your posted pics. Your Mum is a gem for helping you refashion.

Have you been to Recreate08 where fashion designers purchase clothes from the Salvos and redisgn these and then models model them at the recreate 08 event? Check it out at

As far as altering garments that are mass produced I have no qualms about it if these are going to be worn by me. That is the very practical Capricorn way.

However, if the garment is couture with no overlocking, metal zip, hand sewing etc I would not mess with it. I have only one of these which is featured on my blog. I will never alter it because it is a piece of sewing art to me. You can view it at

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love the 'Wednesday Addams' dress - gorgeous! What a cute collar. :)

Anonymous said...