Sunday, 26 October 2008



I think you'll remember this dress from a couple of posts back. In the end I decided the dress would be more wearable and versatile if I chopped it, which was what I did (obviously). I really love the look of it when worn - it's very glamourous, sexy and quite elegant looking at the same time. This was from my local op shop which is located 5 mins from my house and I check out everytime I do the grocery shopping. I think it's one of those garments that look much better on the person than on a rack - it had been hanging on a rack for a few weeks already and I was a bit apprehensive about getting it at first. I'm glad I did though, I love the mesh back detailing and the golden halter straps!


I'm not sure what era these dresses would be from - I'm thinking 70s? I have a thing for dresses which cinch in at the waist, a billow top and soft, pleated skirt. These ones were a great find! I must admit I did hem them a little to take up the skirt length, but otherwise they're all in mint condition.

Although I buy lots of vintage clothing, I must confess I'm not very well educated in what styles are from which era. When I go op shopping I tend to assess the asthetic appeal first before I take into consideration of the garment's age or history, which is probably wrong of me. This is definitely something that I hope to further educate myself on!

For more ramble and better pictures head to my blog forevayoungvintage


EmilyKate said...

Cute!! Yeah they look 70's to me, but could be early-80's.

If you're looking for info on vintage stuff and getting better at identifying eras, you might want to check out the Carter's guides. They're kinda expensive to buy but libraries often have copies.

Whenever they're from, you've got a great eye! Your finds always rock!

Bizarre Quilter said...

Trust me. They are 80s. I did a KnitWit stretch sewing course in the 1980s and they match the look exactly.

Anonymous said...

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