Sunday, 26 October 2008

Bundoora / Thomastown Market

Trish from trish hunter finds

Today was market morning.
I was very excited as I had never been to this market before.

My boss and I went to Bundoora/Thomastown market.

Amongst old bike chains? I think they were bike chains, and a couple of cameras, and an old old old tv remote, was this...

Its a 1950's or 60's Bakelite telephone. The dial's plastic cover has been opened, but I can easily get another whole dial from QLD for $18 so that's no problem.
After a good clean it'll polish up to be a gem.
It cost me $15 Bargain!

This is the other phone I bought. It was on a ladys table who had lots of nice things, but I think it was items from her personal belongings, and maybe some of her kids old things. I dont think she was a collector. Anyway this phone had $20 on it, and I am 50/50 on if I have seen this in a book or not.
Well no. I have seen a see through light up phone that looks identical in a book I read maybe a year ago? And I believe its price was around the $300 mark. But I can't remember it's brand.
So I bargained with her and surprisingly got it down to $10, and figured, if it isn't the one in the book I saw, I'm at no loss because it's a rad 80's phone anyway and will increase in value at some stage. And if it is the one I saw, then SWEET!

That's all I bought. Oh no I bought a lighter for my stove haha.

So yep, I was very pleased with todays finds. And more pleased because I have something to research. Very fun.

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Have a lovely Sunday



EmilyKate said...
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EmilyKate said...

I love retro phones too! I have a bakelite one like your top photo, it still works, and it sounds like you are speaking to someone in 1943 cos it's echoey and ringy-sounding. SOOOOOO loud when it rings... anyway, you got a real bargain because mine cost me $80! And I've seen them go for more on ebay.

Stacey said...

We have a bakelite phone like that one too. It was the original phone installed in our house and has been in use ever since.
I love the sound of its ring, although the handset is way too heavy to hold between ear and shoulder.

Paul Perry said...

That see-thru phone - I have a very similar one (can't remember which op shop!). Mine has a bluish/green cord & some of the internal parts are different size/colour.
Branded "Conairphone".
I hand build electronic stuff for a living, so I had to have it.. ;D

Kate said...

i want the second phone! absolutely gorgeous! xx