Friday, 17 October 2008

I Heart the Salvos Stores

I've found some wonderful stuff at the Salvos stores in Sunshine and Deer Park lately.

I picked up these lovely goodies for under $20 earlier this week:

Vintage bed sheet; cotton toddler-bed size blanket in great condition; two vintage-inspired aprons with fantastic fabric panels; a few doilies; and - yippee! - a whole bag of crocheted granny squares in different sizes and colour combinations. I am hoping to learn how to join the squares so I can make some cushion covers and I am also thinking about incorporating individual squares into some of my softies.

I seem to be on a crocheted-granny-square kick at the moment because I also picked up this perfect beauty for a crazy $7 at the Salvos store in Deer Park a few weeks ago:

I've been searching for a queen-size crocheted granny blanket for a while now and I think I hit the jackpot :-)


Joanne said...

Fabulous blanket- not often you find such a big one! Know what would look great- an arrangement of individual squares stretched over frames and hung above the bed.

Sarah said...

Love the blanket colours!

EmilyKate said...

Fab! It's very easy to join crochet squares, too.

I thought that second photo was a clip from a magazine or something but I went back and realised you found that too! Luck-eeeeeeeee!

angel wings and hearts said...

oooo, the apron looks nice, along with all the other stuff. :)

Taccolina said...

Wow, such great colours, I thought you were posting a pic from a magazine of what you wished for. You found it! Wonderful.

kazza said...

That blanket in that size is a real find and at that price. You Op! Congratulations and it looks great on the bed.