Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Weekly finds


These are my top picks out of the dresses I found over the course of the week. I really like the striped green dress which I first wrote about here. As you can see, it was actually quite long before so I cut off some of the skirt and have hemmed it so that it now has a more contemporary feel. I think the floral dress is really cute too, it's in a fitted smock style but it has really great semi-batwing sleeves.

My favourite item out of these is the black minidress. The "V" section you see is actually made up of tiny sequins so it's very shimmery and definitely turns this otherwise ordinary black dress into something special.

Now, onto my find of the week:


If you've read my post here then you'd know how much I love leather jackets and am always on the lookout for them. You'd also know that typically I don't have any luck with finding anything that is actually wearable - I think leather jackets are pretty big in demand at the moment so lots of grabby hands tend get to them before I can. I was pretty lucky with the last two so I was very excited and could hardly believe my luck when I found this one. It's really the softest leather I've ever felt - kind of like a suede/leather, if that makes sense. I think it's actually a boy's jacket... I found it in the women's section but the zipper is on the other side.

For more pictures head to my blog: forevayoungvintage

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Maddy said...

Well the weather is on the turn here so I'll be digging out my ancient leather jacket also.

Maybe I could dig out the scissors and the sewing machine whilst I'm at it.