Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Vintage Finds

Are you all sick of me yet? ;)


So. More things to show! I don't normally find too many nice tops or cardigans so the two you see above are probably my favourite picks this week. The mesh, bandage top seen pictured with the skirt is actually a leotard! It's very 80s and I felt a bit Madonna-ish prancing about in it. I also quite like the slouchy cardigan, it's got some sort of animal/zebra print on it and has pockets, which as you know immeidiately caught my attention. Last but not least, the purple dress is actually tagged a vintage Cue design - I don't know if this is the current brand Cue or something else, but it has the best cinched waist.

As always, bigger photos at my blog forevayoungvintage


ck4eva said...

I'll never get sick of ya! Love your styles!

daywalker said...

The vintage Cue dress is the same company as the Cue we know today :)

kazza said...

Keep doing what you are doing. You look beautiful in all your refreshed fashion. It is great you contribute to this blog because it adds more interest and people get ideas from what you do. But like with Trish from Trishunterfinds - where do you store all these dresses? I am in to organisation and storage solutions and love to see how others do this. Kaz

Sarah said...

Hi Kaz,
I actually sell alot of these items and the ones I keep I store in my already over-flowing wardrobe.