Friday, 3 October 2008

Eastern Thrifting

It's been a terrible day weather-wise here in Melbourne. It started off quite well - blue skies, lots of sunshine and warmth which seemed very promising (all lies). Of course, being the unpredictable city that it is, halfway through the day the sky changed colour and the downpour started. I don't know about you but my mood can be direcly affected by the weather, so all the wetness and coldness made me feel quite glum and miserable. Woe.

Still, I managed to find some good things, namely a very cute black ruffle shirt and a number of dresses which will need to be taken up:


The striped green dress at the end is my favourite of the lot. It's quite fitted and the best part, it also has pockets! Whoop. I love pockets. It's definitely the pick of the lot for today's thrifting trip.

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