Friday, 24 October 2008

Variety of stuff at Savers Greensborough.

I just love fabrics with high heeled shoes prints! This is a long scarf - $2.99.

This little chest of drawers could be paper mache(?) or decoupage...I don't know, but I had to have it - great to put some of my craft bits in!

This blouse is much nicer than in the photo. It's black with silver embroidered leaves on it, really smart. The red scarf was separate - I just hung it over the blouse for the photo.

I've got to stop buying tins - I can't resist an unusual one, and this one is so cute. I'm going to keep my ATC collection in it.

Hey Sarah, if you like Black and gold, have a look at this gorgeous totebag I picked up yesterday!


Sarah said...

hehe, nice work on the bag! ;)

Craigjc said...

I love this blog.

kazza said...

I have a little house tin and it is my Tampons Tin House. It sits in a cute cane basket on a little Pine shelf above the cistern. Very practical Capricorn I know.