Thursday, 30 October 2008

oppy thursday

After an extra op shop day yesterday, due to illness, (see my other blog) I ventured out today to a shop I heard about in williamstown, at the St Andrews Presb Curch in Cecil St Williamstown. It is amazing, so old and everything a treasure. I have a friend who works there, so I was excitedly telling her about my overlocker, and that I would need a table, and presto, I noticed this, for....$10! The middle bit is a drawer, and the sides have shelves, perfect to put at right angles to my Horn cabinet. I also got all these for $3
and haby items, including a handmade runner. The pink and blue bags are beaded fringing, for $5 a roll. And a lone self covered button as well
After seeing the jumble of handbags, I thought to myself "there's a Prada in there, for sure". Sure enough, there was- check out the great size
and stamp on the front. there are always sceptics who suggest it isn't authentic, but I'm not that fussed, it's pretty old and authentic enough for me!
A bag of Tupperware was bought as well, what a great day!


daywalker said...

Hi there, Amelia?
I sent email to your bollewanger address, not sure if you got it.
Anyhoo, i noticed you made a comment on my blog inviting me to join - I op therefore i am - I would love to join.
Rachael :)

my name is: Lauren said...

great blog :)

kazza said...

Hi Amelia

Well done with the stand/table for your sewing machine - great pick up for $10.00 especially in Willy - isn't it an expensive area to op shop in?

beccasauras said...

I would just keep emailing Amelia at her email address, it may take a while, i'm sure she gets busy:). This is actually bec from

kazza said...

Sorry Bec for the confusion. Thanks for the clarification. Kazza

Anonymous said...

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