Friday, 10 October 2008

Op shop disaster! help!

Ok, my title isn't really screaming out for the help that's needed, I found out some seriously badf news today. Bargain browser is closing down! All of the. yes, ALL OF THEM! The Baptist church has decided to do this. I was in my favourite on, the clearance shop in Tottenham, and was told of this. As of December 19th all will be shut.

Staff will be jobless, and the branches are Ashwood, Ballarat, Brunswick, Ringwood, Ringwood East, Yarraville and the Clearance Shop. This is most ridiculous thing I have heard, we have to do something!

I am appealing to all op shoppers out there, and friends of op shoppers, to think of something, a petition? Everyones lives will be affected, the amount of people these 7 shops have helped is probably huge. I will leave it at this and hope, once I calm down, I can think of a solution.


Tanja said...

Not sure there's anything which can be done if the decision has been made. It's sure to be a financial decision.
Where did you hear it?

leslie said...

damn, i go to that one, too. it seems like our area's op shops are just disappearing one after another, first the salvos in newport/altona, then the st vinnies warehouse (the new shop is great but the warehouse was sooooo cheap and so close to my house) and now the bargain browser...

kazza said...

To find out the answer to your question it is best to ring the Baptist Church head office in Melbourne.

Usually it is always financial. Rentsa may be a factor but you think they could run there shops by relocating to church owned properties.

If you are that concerned I would encourage you to make contact and express your disappointment.

Good Luck Kazza

beccasauras said...

I heard it from the women that work at the clearance shop in Tottenham. They are pretty upset, too. A friend suggested it being financial too, they do have to pay to get rid of the rubbish. But isn't that what all op shops do? Leslie, we must live in the same suburb, we haunt the same places! I agree with the old Vinnies warchouse, it was so cheap, and the new one is great, but the BB Tottenham is the best. Will post my new cabinet after I go pick it up this morning!

EmilyKate said...

I wonder whether perhaps there is more money in renting out the space an opshop occupies than actually using it as an opshop... they are charities so perhaps they are trying to look at the best use of their resources to get funds to run their social support programs.... I agree it is sad that these little opshops seem to be becoming endangered!!

Anonymous said...

Update on Baptcare’s Bargain Browsers
Official statement from Baptcare

In regards to comments that have been made regarding Baptcare’s Bargain Browser retail stores, we wish to provide clarification about the future of the stores.

After a review of the stores and careful consideration of numerous options, Baptcare’s Board last month made the decision that Baptcare would cease operating the Bargain Browser stores. This decision was made for three primary reasons:
- Baptcare is currently re-focussing its resources on new programs that address poverty and disadvantage in new ways. These programs include a housing facility for asylum seekers, and a program for children with Autism and learning delays aged three and four on a central waiting list who would otherwise be unlikely to receive a service that addresses their special needs.
- Increased competition in the industry from larger op-shop outlets and other charity op-shops with greater economies of scale has placed pressure on the Bargain Browser stores.
- The stores are no longer financially viable for Baptcare. The stores have produced a deficit for the last six years, and as a not-for-profit organisation, we can no longer afford this cost.

While Baptcare will cease operations of the Bargain Browser stores on December 19th, this does not necessarily mean that the stores will close.

We are currently meeting with local Churches and other organisations to discuss the possibility of keeping the shops open as a ministry or community outreach using volunteers, and we have received significant interest from other charities and community groups.

Negotiations are currently underway to keep a number of the stores open under these new arrangements.

The Bargain Browser stores have been an important part of Baptcare’s operations since 1969, and the valuable contribution that the staff members have made to the stores and the local communities in which they operate will be acknowledged and honoured.