Saturday, 4 October 2008

Making it up...

Hi there,

It's Bev from Taccolina and Posted Stitches here - I haven't posted before, as I haven't been opping for a little while, BUT....

Last weekend I went to the Geelong Fibre Arts Forum - did anyone else go, too? And I got to talking to the ladies who went to this class for the week there:

They were making new outfits and embellished costumes from op-shop and back-of-the-closet finds. I talked to several of the students, who were there showing off what they had made, and they were happy for these photos to go out into blogland.

This is a new jacket made out of shirts that weren't being worn - dyed, embellished and printed. I love the new cuffs and the leaves down the front.

Here, one of the students is pointing out the many shirts that were cut and re-sewn to make the flouncy body of this colourful skirt. She had several shirt collars running lengthways down the skirt, like long vertical ruffles. It was gorgeous!

This is by the same student: an ensemble of cut, dyed and embellished items, including op-shop finds.

Feeling inspired? This certainly made me sit up and take notice, and to think more aggressively about what I could do with op shop alterations!

You can find the website of the tutor - India Flint - at - and there are workshops listed on her site.

Happy hunting!

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