Monday, 30 April 2012

Frolicking through Forest Hill

I went to the four op shops in Forest Hill today, though only found joy at two of them - YES Op Shop in Mahoneys Road and This 'n' That Community Store in Brentford Square.

At YES I found these nice tins. The Raffles Hotel tin was $1, and the other one was 80c.

And at This 'n' That I bought this pretty aubergine coloured vase for $8.50. This was my first time visiting this shop, and I was impressed with the amount of good quality, interesting stuff they had there.


zigsma said...

Oh! I love that vase!! Where is it made, does it say?

FrolickingFroggy said...

It still had the label on it, from 'Stoneleigh and Roberson', which I think is a giftware line produced in Aus and NZ. So not at all old, not at all exotic! But I liked the design, cos it doesn't look the normal run of the mill stuff you see in the shops these days.