Monday, 16 April 2012

3 op shops, 3 skirts (& 1 bag)

Today I browsed around 3 shops close to home, and came back with this booty:-

From Doncare in Doncaster East, a funky purple knee-length skirt for $3. It has a shimmery swirly pattern through it.

Also from this shop, a small tote bag for $1.50. (Note to self: stop buying bags.)

From Doncare in Blackburn North, a long length fine-cord skirt for $4. The colour didn't show up so well - it's actually a dark teal colour.

From Rotary Rummage in Doncaster East, a summery Blue Illusion knee-length skirt for $2.50 (half price).  Couldn't get the whole thing in, so just went for a pic of the print.

While I was at Doncare I spotted this leaflet about an upcoming Doncare garage sale on 28 April:
(9am-2pm, 39 Wetherby Road, Doncaster East). 


Silvia said...

Great bargains - where is the Doncare in Doncaster East?

FrolickingFroggy said...

Hi Silvia

It's at the back of Tunstall Square, opposite the parking lot in Beverley Street.

Silvia said...

OOOh OK, I know whereabouts it is - I will have to make a trip there on Friday - Doncare and the Red Cross Shop in the same location, should be great fun!

FrolickingFroggy said...

I'm not impressed with the Red Cross shop - the prices there are almost what you might pay for new clothes.