Wednesday, 18 April 2012

High Street, Kew.

I had a fantastic time today, courtesy of a friend who lives in Balwyn and knows the Kew shopping area very well. She took me on a tour of the oppies in High Street, and we only visited three out of the six along that stretch of road! I had a great spend up...well I had nearly $100 in my purse from my birthday on Sunday, so I thought I may as well spend it! At the Salvos (243-7 High street) I bought a gorgeous chook plate for $3.99, two paperbacks for $1.99 and a craft book for 50c. But I got 20% seniors discount on that, so ended up paying $6.75 for the lot! Hooray for the Salvos! GREAT shop by the way - just recently opened.

At Vinnies (735 High Street)I bought a sweet little embroidered tablecloth for $6, a needlework book for $2, Handmade magazine for $1, a pair of brand new sneakers for $5 and a stunning book on Australian artists for $18 which sounds a lot, but it would have cost a LOT more when it was new.

And at the MS shop (290 High Street) I bought two exquisitely embroidered items - a small cloth with four matching napkins for $7 and a tray cloth for $4.
My birthday was Sunday, but I have had three really lovely days, and today was a fabulous way to finish off my round of birthday treats!


RobynJ said...

Happy birthday, gina. What a lovely haul of things you got. I especially love that plate.

Gina E. said...

Thank you Robyn! My husband just rolled his eyes when he saw the plate. "Not another chook one - where are you going to keep that?" I told him I would get rid of some older plates to make room for the new ones. (But I didn't say when)

List Addict said...

I always aim for the one thing in-one thing out theory but it never works out that way!! Well done on your buys.

List Addict