Monday, 23 April 2012

Frolicking around the eastern 'burbs with Gina E

This morning I met up with Gina E and we spent a good 4 hours or so exploring op shops and attempting to avoid becoming drowned rats in the rain.

First stop, Savers in Dandenong. I hadn't been there for a long time and for such a HUGE shop I was disappointed not to find anything I liked. Gina found a couple of things, so the trip there wasn't entirely in vain.

Next stop, Salvos in Dandenong. Yay! Success. Found these 2 small prints of Tasmanian scenes for $5 each.

Then on to Doncare in Doncaster East, where I found this sweet top with glittery bits through it for $3.

Fourth stop, Salvos in Doncaster East. Normally I bypass this shop, but because Gina was with me I decided to go in so that she could see it. Am glad I did, as I picked up this Kenwood food processor for $15. I'll give it to a friend of mine as she's been moaning for months that she needs a food processor. There was some nice bric-a-bric stuff and both Gina and I admired a pair of cute wooden cat & mouse bookends and an English cottage tea pot set. I heard lots of "oooohs" coming from Gina in this shop.

Onward then to Rotary Rummage in Doncaster East where I found a pure wool Country Road cardigan in excellent nick for $7, plus a beaded makeup bag for $5. (Sigh, another bag which I really DO NOT NEED, but couldn't resist because it was so unusual.)

And lastly, a poke through Doncare in Blackburn North turned up these goodies: - black tunic for $4, peach coloured bracelet for $1, greeting card for 60c, and either Chip or Dale oven mitt (HOW COULD I NOT BUY THIS?) for $1.

Gina found lots of goodies too, so all in all a productive day!


Katie said...

Those Tassie prints are gorgeous - what a fantastic find!

Gina E. said...

We had such a great day in spite of the rain! I've taken photos of all my goodies, but haven't had time to load them on to my computer, let alone to this blog. Hopefully I'll do it tomorrow. Ken checked his collection of On The Buses DVDs and found he had duplicated some of them several times. In all we only had two of what was in the box of DVDs I bought today, so it was a very fortunate 'find'!