Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Frolicking through Mitcham

I visited the 3 op shops in Mitcham this morning.

First stop, ADRA in Enterprise Way (near Coles). I found this op shop a bit ho-hum on this visit; nothing stood out or tempted me, so on I went on my merry way.

Second stop, Rotary Clothesline in Mitcham Rd, next to the train crossing. I really liked this op shop. It was small but a jumble of this 'n that - my eyes never knew where to look next. The prices here were reasonable, and I ended up buying three things:-

Large print - $10

Moschino handbag, as modelled by my weedy driveway - $6. I have enough bags, but couldn't resist. I really like the zebra print lining.

Mug - hippos arguing! - 50c

My third and final stop was at Vinnies in Whitehorse Rd. This is a large shop and I was impressed with the layout and the quality of the stuff. There was some groovy furniture which I might have been tempted by if I didn't already have all the furniture I need. I would have bought more clothes, but the pricing on most of the clothes was a little steep. ($12 for pants, $4/5 for t-shirts.) Did however manage to find a nice 'special occasion' dress at a reasonable price....

Ojay dress - $10. I don't wear dresses but really liked this one and justified it by saying to myself "You might get invited to a wedding and need to wear something a bit dressy." The photo makes it look more purple than it really is - it's actually more of a brown colour with a hint of purple. Please note, if I ever do wear it, I don't plan to sit on any stove tops like this!

Small print - $5

Another smallish print (the kitty in the corner sold it for me) - $2. It was actually priced at $12, but mistakenly rung up at $2. The angel on my shoulder said "That's not the right price - you should say something", but then the devil on the opposite shoulder piped up with "$12 was too much anyway, just keep your trap shut." The devil won out and my lips remained sealed.

And one medium sized painting - $5. I think this one is my favourite. It's an original painting and you can see the pencil marks where things were erased, which I like.

The reason I've been buying so many pictures is to cover up some plaster patching that my husband has done on our walls. I can't be bothered repainting the walls and figure it's easier to cover up the patches with pictures!


Lisa @ .Simply Me. said...

My favourite is that last bird painting too, good finds!

Ren said...

I love nature pics, and the bird one at the end is priceless! Well done you. It's very nice to pop in here and see your posts. I find posting takes too much time - got two little ones - I can steal a minute here and there to read though! I love your finds. I think we may have similar tastes... so it's lucky for me that you don't live around my neighbourhood, otherwise we'd be fighting over things :) Funny about that devil on your shoulder, he's done the same to me a few times.

FrolickingFroggy said...

Thanks for your kind words, ladies. I was really surprised the bird painting hadn't been snapped up already - it was originally priced at $10 and then obviously hadn't sold for awhile, so the price was reduced to $5. I think it was waiting for me to come along!

Ren, usually the angel wins out, but in this case I let the devil have his way. :-)

Asa-Marie said...

Wow I love the small print that the Devil helped you out with. I kinda find it rude sometimes when op shops over price things. It seems unfair doesn't it? love the first print too!

Eleese said...

I love the mug!

Gina E. said...

$12 was definitely too much, I think the Devil was on the shoulder of the person who priced that in the first place!