Saturday, 21 April 2012

Opping Along...

Strangely enough, this recent opping expedition at the two op shops in Brentford Square all started because of a bet with my fiance on whether or not we had a bottle of Henschke at home....I bet $10 bucks that we did (safe in the knowledge that it was there, of course) and so the very next day, I took my winnings and off I went, opping along!

My first and rather successful find was this beauty of a linen basket for a mere $6.00 at the Doncare op shop.  I spied it straight away but perhaps a little complacently strode around the op shop to look at other stuff when suddenly another lady took interest in it - I dashed back over to it and my heart sank as I asked the question "Sorry, were you going to buy that?"

I smiled gladly and may even have said "Excellent" as she told me she was just looking at it.  Not too loudly, I hope...

My only other score there were these wonderful bangles, for only a few cents - they will easily accessorise many outfits with their neutral tones and yet feminine details, *sigh*, I just love accessories!

There wasn't too much else there to consider really, though there were a few baking trays, one heart shaped, a very cute stack of retro tea cups with orange flowers on or a set of four white containers, ceramic and cylindrical with air-tight clasps, designed for powdered ingredients given away by the addition of the mini wooden spoons included with the design.  But they were the full $10 smackers and one pot had its spoon missing.

So smiling with glee from the purchase of my new linen basket (no more clothes piles on the floor - Woohoo!) and contentedly imagining which outfits my new bangles could adorn, I thought perhaps a necklace...

And what a good thought it was!  This is clearly a handmade piece, made from clay, the only thing wrong with it is the unfortunate choice in string with which it was threaded.  But not to worry, tomorrow's project will be to purchase some simple cotton kitchen string and macrame a suitable replacement.

I did have one last find at the Community Store, a very shiny find that demanded to be bought.

So it's another little project as the pearlescent paint has started to wear off but I'm sure this another thing quite easily come by at a local shop and easily fixed.  Though it's not really urgent, as you can't see it when it's worn.  Don't you just love pieces like this though?  You can instantly jazz up a casual outfit and in seconds be ready to go out for the evening!


FrolickingFroggy said...

Ooooh, I never knew about Brentford Square. I'll have to check it out sometime.

I visited the YES op shop in Forest Hill the other day, which I think is down your way? This is an ACE op shop! Was really impressed.

Asa-Marie said...

Oh really?! Well, there are two there and one more on the corner of Canterbury and Mitcham Roads - it's only about a ten minute walk from Brentford Square.
Oh I love the YES op shop, I got my Papillios from there. I love that they have layby.

RobynJ said...

Love those bracelets.